name lulu
date of birth 09/12/1998
location manila, philippines
age 18
gender female, she/her
sexual orientation pansexual

eyyoo, this is lulu!

i'm just someone who really likes to spend their time watching animes, playing games, and drawing/writing. also currently a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), and always dying. i like to say i'm gay a lot but in reality i'm a super confused mess who crushes too much on fictional characters.

currently a self-proclaimed King of Procrastination and really smol and tired mom.

there is really nothing else to say lol. i'm super active on twitter and a bit active on tumblr! i mostly spend my time reblogging on tumblr though, since i am not fond of social interaction on there. if you follow my twitter though, i RT a lot and would love to interact with you all!